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What is the difference between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent?

There is a DIFFERENCE!!!
One day I was sitting in the witness seat in a court hearing regarding a real
estate matter testifying as an expert witness for a Plaintiff. The plaintiff’s attorney while
questioning me continually referred to me as Mr. Santa Maria, which was
well within common practice.  The defense attorney announced that  he would address me as “Mr. Real Estate agent” and I
acknowledged him with acquiescence.
HOWEVER, during his questioning he became confrontational and
attempted to discredit me. That’s his job I guess.   He repeatedly addressed me as “Mr.
Real Estate Agent.” I am accustomed to being questioned as to the facts of the case with
only my name or no name being used at the beginning of each question.
His manner became so demeaning that I asked him to
address me as REALTOR Santa Maria or Mr. Santa Maria. He immediately stated that he wished to continue calling me “Mr.
Real Estate Agent”. With that I looked toward the Judge and asked the Judge
if l could address the Court with a short statement clearing up my objection
to being called “Mr. Real Estate Agent”. The Judge looking at me asked, “why does it
With that I explained – A licensed real estate agent is an individual that has
completed  minimal hourly course work as prescribed by the local Real Estate Department.  The prospective “Agent” is taught
only that which is necessary to pass a test and become licensed to perform
the duties that fall within the State rules and regulations as well as State laws
regarding real estate.

A REALTOR, on the other hand, in addition to the above-described, State-imposed requirements, subscribes to a higher “Standard of Practice” which is
governed by the National Association of REALTORS “Code of Ethics”.   This is a higher standard of ethics.  To a REALTOR, ethics are paramount. The National Association of REALTORS “Code of Ethics” is much more specific and strict than those imposed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  There are 13 Articles in the Code of Ethics.  Click to view the National Association of Realtors Code of ethics:

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